Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let me Begin This with a story of my own

I am Eileen and this is the start of this/my Blog. I am a "newbie" at this.. so here goes.......

Some years ago I lived in a big old house that only had a wood stove for heat.
One night when I was the only one home during a winter night the stove was fully cranked up and Hot (as wood stoves do get). I was standing in the living room facing the stove. For some reason I lost my balance and started to fall straight towards it. There was nothing between me and that stove. I was at full tilt and falling - when I felt two arms catch me under my mid-section, stopped the fall and then placed me back upright and solid on my feet. I did not "see" anything - but I certainly "felt" those arms.
What can I say beyond that; except that if I had hit that stove I would have been badly burnt (and hurt) and there was no one home who could have helped me.

Please join in with your stories of Holy Help. Thank You, Eileen